“We Couldn’t Get Caitlin Clark We Knew”: Dwyane Wade Reveals Angel Reese’s Locker Room Trick Makes Her the Perfect Fit

Dwyane Wade has stepped up big as a minority owner for the Chicago Sky of the WNBA. After the 2024 draft, the Sky is considered a strong side, with a young core that is ready to battle this year. The Chicago unit had no chance for Caitlin Clark, who was the first pick for the Indiana Fever. However, Wade’s team got two other talented youngsters from the draft who he is happy about. One is Kamila Cardoso and the other is Angel Reese, whom Wade considers as a “huge win“. What does Wade love so much about Reese?

The Sky selected Cardoso as their 3rd pick in the first round of the 2024 draft. They also had the 7th pick, but they feared Reese might get drafted by the other teams behind them. Wade shared on his Wine Down podcast, “We couldn’t get Caitlin Clark we knew that. I think we all knew we wasn’t going to get Cameron Brink. LA was going to grab her with the second pick. She’s from California as well. I wanted to look at films on Kamila Cardoso and Angel Reese. “

The Miami Heat icon added, “Angel Reese is somebody I know that she[Teresa Weatherspoon (Chicago Sky Coach)] really wanted, and to be able to get her at the seventh pick, that’s a huge win. And she fits Chicago.” Wade believes Reese has a locker room trick.

Wade shared, You don’t mess with Angel Reese, ’cause she about that life. Like, ‘Let’s go’, you know what I mean? All that cute stuff in the locker room, I’m out here to get dirty. You love that, and that’s what Chicago loves.” This is the same mentality that Cardoso plays with. We have seen her stint with the South Carolina Gamecocks.

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Reese and Cardoso had a rivalry during their time in the NCAA, despite which the Sky decided to draft them. However, coach Weatherspoon is planning to change the tension between them into a partnership.

Teresa Weatherspoon’s plan for Angel Reese and Kamila Cardoso


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Reese and Cardoso have been playing against each other since high school. But after both of them were drafted for the same WNBA team, Reese said, “I’m just so excited I get to play with Kamilla“. Cardoso was also on the same page, who shared, “Two great players together, nobody’s going to get no rebounds on us” The bond has already clicked between the two. Weatherspoon is planning to take full advantage of it.

The Chicago Sky head coach found a few similarities between Reese and Cardoso, “They come in with a tremendous amount of belief in themselves, knowing what they can do. But also, they understand the little things they must be better at. When you have that, you know that they will buy into becoming better than what they are now.“ The chemistry between the two rookies has already started. We witnessed a few moments that the two shared during the preseason. Let’s see if it continues in the main battle.

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