OMG! Anthony Edwards Makes Bold Proclamation To Taylor Rooks

Anthony Edwards Makes Bold Proclamation To Taylor Rooks

Anthony Edwards Makes Bold Proclamation To Taylor Rooks

Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards is on the verge of leading his squad to the second round of the 2024 NBA Playoffs.

Currently, the Wolves hold a 2-0 series lead over the Phoenix Suns – and a big reason why has been Edwards’ play. While he obviously had something of a quieter showing in Game 2, the attention Edwards commands on the defensive end frees up a lot of opportunities for his teammates.

It really and truly feels like this is Minnesota’s year to make a deep playoff run, and Edwards’ ascension is a big reason why.

This week, Edwards sat down with Taylor Rooks and made something of a bold proclamation.

“The best,” he said of how he and Karl Anthony-Towns rank as a duo.

“I mean, because it’s like a one-two punch. Like, he can go to the post, I can go to the post. He can shoot the three, I can shoot the three. I can defend, he can defend.”

Edwards didn’t stop there, though.

“If you’re a best player, which is KAT, sharing the ball, getting off of it offensively, moving it around. I think it falls down throughout the whole team, and everybody got to do it.”

While not everyone would agree with Edwards’ assertion, it isn’t particularly surprising he would much such a bold claim for Rooks. Even she has admitted that she knows why players are always flirting with her.

Plus, the Wolves are just in their bag right now. Rudy Gobert literally just did an interview explaining why guys around the league are so jealous of him.

Will 2024 mark the year that Edwards proves the doubters wrong and wins an NBA championship with the Timberwolves? Time will tell.

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