Savannah James’ ‘Cuss On The Court’ Rule After Hearing “Obscenities” From Bryce & Bronny Unravels In A Prank Call

There is no doubt that the James family is quite something. Of course, they are the family of basketball legend LeBron James, but they are also a normal family. And while it is hard to digest for many, owing to the simple matter of them having the James surname, the videos that pop up now prove it. Yes, they do live in a gargantuan mansion, Bron is part of the billionaire club, and Savannah James herself is a millionaire entrepreneur. Even then, it is hard to see them as something more than your next-door neighbors with the kind of stories Mrs. James regales us with.

In the third episode of their podcast, Everybody’s Crazy, Savannah and Crown + Conquer founder April McDaniel, dive into a few hot topics. And a major one among them was the madness of motherhood. As they were welcoming callers, the first one was a 17-year-old teenager from Atlanta. Apparently, this certain kid wants to know if “screaming, cussing, and banging a desk” while playing video games is crazy. The mother of three was already shaking her head towards the end of this interaction.

She was laughing when she said, “I think it’s crazy because I can hear my sons through the walls as well. But I did this rule with my sons. I gave them the ‘you can cuss on the court’ rule. But I guess I got to translate that to, ‘you can cuss when you on the game too’ because the obscenities that fly out of their mouths through my closet walls! It’s crazy!”

Toward the end of the call, Savannah James was in for a surprise. Suddenly, the caller’s voice changed to someone familiar. And it took a minute before she realized it was none other than her younger son, Bryce James, on the phone! “Bryce? What the f**k?!”. Savannah was in splits and somewhat still in shock as she exploded with laughter.

“Yo! How do you change your voice like that? … Oh, my gosh! Y’all aggravating. Get off my line.” Apparently, the first person on the phone was Bryce’s friend, whom he calls Jen, which is why his mom didn’t suspect a thing. Until the very last, when the 16-year-old finally spoke.

But Savannah fans would know that Bryce got the prank gene from none other than his mom.

Savannah James teased fans on April Fool’s Day

It hasn’t been that long since LeBron James’ better half entered the public eye. Savannah has long kept her affairs private and enjoyed the little pleasures life had to offer without the scrutiny of many eyes. But when she finally opened up, fans were simply stunned and charmed by her effortless charisma and natural sense of humor. And one such occurrence that happened recently was ahead of her new podcast.

Savannah announced that her podcast would take off on April 1st. When it was indeed time for the launch, the global fashion icon posted a teaser of the pod. “Y’all thought we were launching today but… APRIL FOOLS! We are finally very excited to say we are launching our first episode of EVERYBODY’S CRAZY on April 30th,” she wrote. She did not fail to mention that it was her version of an April Fools’ joke.

Well, now you know where Bryce gets his devious plans from!

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