“LeBon (James) Ruined Basketball”: Next-Gen Kid’s Blatant Imitation Enrages NBA Community Amid ‘Coach Killer’ Claims

When one thinks about the greatest hoopers to ever play in the NBA, the name of LeBron James often pops up. He’s easily one of the most decorated and well-respected players in the league. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that LeBron has become a source of inspiration to many. Kids all around the globe try to imitate King James and his playing style. However, this doesn’t always end up well for the kids.

A clip that has made the rounds on social media recently shows a young kid attempting to flop in a blatant attempt to cheat. This incident has enraged the basketball community, who are up in arms about the “flopping” epidemic that has taken over the youth basketball circuit. Believe it or not, fans have blamed LeBron James for popularizing this tactic.

One social media user went on to suggest that kids who grew up watching Michael Jordan would never perform antics like flopping. They wrote, “Flopping like a true Lebron… Lebron ruined basketball. Can’t wait for him to retire. Jordan played hard-nosed basketball, not this soft stuff. Kobe rolling in his grave seeing where the game is going too.”


However, this is not new for LeBron James. During his illustrious career, LeBron has been accused of perpetuating several narratives. Apart from being blamed for flopping, LeBron has also been labeled as “Coach Killer.” James has often faced accusations of being responsible for coaches getting fired, with Darvin Ham’s recent dismissal adding to the list of such incidents. But is LeBron really to be blamed for flopping?

Fans voice their opinion on LeBron James and his “flopping” antics

Flopping has become a significant aspect of many players’ strategies in the modern NBA, including LeBron James. It’s often employed to draw fouls easily and put opponents in foul trouble. Naturally, fans of the sport do not like flopping and have been vocal against its use. One fan on social media stated that the NBA has become almost “unwatchable” because of flopping.

And why not? Flopping is considered excessive and somewhat theatrical. It is a rather unsportsmanlike reaction to get attention towards a foul that might not exactly be one. Die-hard fans of the sport will of course not agree to it.

Another social media user held the same sentiments. However, he suggested that LeBron James started flopping halfway through his career.

Considering King James’ history on the court, flopping supersedes his dominant physical skills. Many believe, his flopping days actually started when he was playing for the Miami Heat. Be it in 2010, in a random contact on the court with Pheonix Suns’ Earl Barron, or be it the Conference Finals from 2012, there are quite a few instances of him flopping around.

However, one fan blamed the rise of flopping on 1990s Chicago Bulls star, Dennis Rodman.

People who have followed the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls’ rivalry must be aware of how Dennis Rodman would sometimes just fall on the court and try his best to get calls. In fact, his teammate, Michael Jordan explicitly called him a flopper once.

And speaking of the legendary Michael Jordan, many suggested that Jordan would never flop. And that’s the reason one fan labeled MJ as the GOAT.

When Jordan lost, people close to him remember him just sulking it away on the team bus, or ripping his jersey off after a few games, rather than getting indulged in such theatrics.

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