WNBA Revokes Charter Flight Policy to Ensure Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, and Cameron Brink’s Safety, Per Reports

Rules are a structure map laid out to help an ecosystem survive. But what if they go against their objective and instead create problems? One such rule that has been in discussion for quite some time is the prohibition of the WNBA teams to use charter planes. The WNBA as per ESPN doesn’t allow charter flights since they go against the collective bargaining agreement between the league and its players. Moreover, another reason is that it may provide an unfair advantage to those teams who can afford them over those who cannot since the league until now wasn’t in the best shape until the NCAA Queen Caitlin Clark brought a substantial crowd to the women’s sports with her scintillating displays.

As per a report by the famous journalist Christine Brennan, the league with the drafting of Clark, Angel Reese, and Cameron Brink may be considering revoking its charter plane rule. Since there has been a lot of fandom for these stars, traveling in local planes might not be feasible. Brennan tweeted the same through her official X account and pointed out that the rule could be possible since the WNBA might be able to make exponential money with the entry of new rookies who are already fan favorites.

“Breaking: I’m hearing the WNBA is in discussions to begin charter travel for all 12 of its teams as soon as this regular season. Why now? The explosion of interest in the league, business growth and anticipated future revenue from the next media deal,” read the tweet.

Can the WNBA really change the rule?

As per Fox59, the WNBA’s new TV deal will commence in 2025 which can bring a lot of revenue to the league. The WNBA is already in talks with Walt Disney along with the NBA to increase its revenue. There are also chances that the WNBA league, which usually stays in the shadows of the NBA due to less revenue generation and also only half as long a season, could negotiate a separate deal with Disney or its competitors. The WNBA as per reports earns around $60 million in revenue. And with more money, the WNBA could give more freedom to its players and the franchises.


Another point to note here is that Clark, Reese, and Brink come with their own fandoms. Especially due to the Clark effect, there was a steep hike in tickets in the NCAA. Wherever she went, the stadiums were filled with crowds. Most of her games were soldouts and even when she was drafted by the Indiana Fever a similar trend was observed there. And the same more or less is the case with Reese and Brink. Therefore, with increasing revenues, the WNBA might waive the sad rule as mentioned by the journalist.

Whatever the WNBA does will be clearer in a few days when the franchises travel around to play their regular season debut. Till then fans would be hoping to travel in flights, since who knows, they might bump into Clark, Reese and Brink.

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