Sabrina Ionescu Blasts The WNBA For “Dropping The Ball” On Angel Reese After Controversial Decision

Sabrina Ionescu is among those criticizing the WNBA for not giving Angel Reese’s debut the same platform Caitlin Clark’s got.

Photo of Sabrina Ionescu at press conference and photo of Angel Reese holding basketball

Sabrina Ionescu and Angel Reese (Photos via Getty Images)

Both rookies were in action for their teams on Friday, with Clark’s Indiana Fever playing the Dallas Wings while Reese’s Chicago Sky faced off with the Minnesota Lynx. The Fever game was all over the internet, but that wasn’t the case for the Sky.

The WNBA opted not to stream Reese’s game, though she’s the second-biggest name coming from college.

A fan streamed the game from their phone via social media. It reportedly garnered close to a million viewers, so Ionescu reckons the league failed to take advantage of a huge opportunity.

Sabrina Ionescu Slams The WNBA For Dropping The Ball With Angel Reese’s First Game

Speaking to reporters during the New York Liberty’s Media Day, the former Oregon star slammed the WNBA and urged better representation for all players.

“I mean, it sucks,” she said, per the New York Post. “I think representation of every team is important. … Hopefully, the league can fix that because I think they dropped the ball on that part and hopefully they have a great explanation as to why that wasn’t televised. But hats off to the person that just figured it out.”

While many fans have been calling the league out for not streaming Angel Reese’s debut, they might take notice now that one of their own stars has become a detractor on said front.

Of course, it was only a preseason game, but the WNBA would do well to hold up its end of the bargain after asking fans to show more support.

Surely, putting both rookies on show on Friday night would have been in their best interest.

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