Lakers News: Anthony Edwards Could Force Jeanie Buss to Go After Kevin Durant Amid Locker Room Turmoil

A harsh mirror was held up against the Lakers in this year’s postseason as the Nuggets (106-108) took one more game to dismiss them. The Purple and Gold, despite the tandem of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, were outclassed by Nikola Jokic and Co. And the Lakers acted instantly. They first fired Darvin Ham, who had a rough tenure at the helm.

Additionally, the inconsistent supporting cast besides LeBron and AD demands a drastic change. During the latest game against the Warriors, LeBron disrespectfully ignored Ham during the timeout. The cold war has been evident for a long time now. However, contrary to popular opinion, reporter Anthony Irwin felt they should not settle for someone undersized to tackle their problems in the future. How about an experienced veteran or a ‘fresh mind’? Or what’s the chatter?

Along with the hunt for a new head coach is the desperate search for a third star. The stars pointed to Hawks’ Trae Young, who recently declared his threshold for patience has extinguished. Yet after watching Minnesota’s size overwhelm Jokic and the Nuggets, a Lakers insider has changed his mind. According to Irwin, “The Lakers can’t possibly watch this Wolves-Nuggets series and think Trae Young or Donovan Mitchell is the answer. They just can’t.”

The Wolves, who are ranked as the best defense in the NBA, rely much on their three seven-footers to impose their heavy frames on  their opposition. It has been immensely successful against an expert post scorer like Jokic, who was held to just 16 points by Karl-Anthony Towns and Naz Reid in Game 2 of their series. Anthony Edwards and Co.’s success provides a rather effective blueprint for the Lakers. If Rob Pelinka views them as the ultimate threats, the franchise will most likely target someone tall and capable of placing on both sides of the floor. That’s where Kevin Durant comes in.

USA Today via Reuters

After the Suns’ early season struggles largely due to injuries, there were numerous reports regarding Durant’s frustrations. During that spell, a trade proposal that landed KD in the City of Angels drew the bewilderment of fans. But is that really a possibility?

The Slim Reaper is in contract with the Suns for two more seasons. But if there is a mutual interest amongst both him and LeBron James and an agreement is reached, a seismic shift as such is always possible. It could be their last dance! Even at the twilight of his career, Durant is one of the most lethal scorers to play the game.

Why will the Suns want to give up Kevin Durant? And how would KD aid the Lakers’ ambitions?

Kevin Durant led the Suns in scoring in their playoff loss to the Wolves (116-122) and is a decent shot-blocking threat in the paint. However, Anthony Edwards was one reason they were completely blocked out of the bigger picture. Ideally, the Suns would want to shape their franchise around Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, who would be their two primary scorers by a supporting cast of tall-ish defenders. Interestingly, the Jeanie Buss-owned team might have the answers.

D’Angelo Russell could fill the point guard void and Rui Hachimura is already an established Power Forward. D’Lo’s scoring perimeter will complement Booker and Beal while Rui’s versatility up the court will prove handy. Also, the Suns would most definitely consider giving up/ trading Kevin Durant, if given the option of acquiring first-round picks, as they don’t have many till 2030.

For such a deal to fall in place, D’Lo would need to re-sign with the Lakers or accept his player option followed by a trade to KD’s current home. Assuming the move goes through, Durant, LeBron, and Davis would most likely have a seamless partnership. AD can dominate both ends of the floor on his good days, which would make the fiery trio virtually unbeatable.

Since mastering his ability to play off the ball, KD has become a more diverse scorer. His addition could set up the Lakers for a Championship run in 2025 itself!

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