Gregg Doyel Suspended for 2 Weeks Following Inappropriate Comments to Caitlin Clark During Press Conference

Gregg Doyel, a sports columnist with over 20 years of experience, has been suspended from covering Indiana Fever games in person this season following an interaction with Caitlin Clark. Caitlin Clark is a successful NCAA athlete who recently joined the WNBA, and her arrival has generated a range of reactions. While some have been professional, others have been awkward or desperate.

However, Doyel’s interaction with Clark resulted in severe consequences, as the Indianapolis Star newspaper suspended him. The conflict between Doyel and Clark arose when Doyel mimicked Clark’s heart-shaped gesture, which she often made to her family during games. Doyel broke a fundamental rule of journalism by placing himself at the story’s center.

After the incident involving Caitlin Clark, Doyel received significant criticism

Caitlin Clark, Gregg Doyel

Caitlin Clark, Gregg Doyel (Image source Getty Images)

His remarks on Clark’s gesture were met with swift criticism for being disrespectful, and he has since apologized for his actions. In his apology, Doyel admitted that he did not understand the fundamental differences between men’s and women’s athletics and needed to be more aware of how he talks to people, not just athletes.

He also acknowledged that he had a history of having awkward conversations with people before asking brash conversational questions and that he would skip this season’s Fever games. While there was no official statement, reporter Bob Kravitz revealed that Doyel had been suspended for two weeks due to the incident.

Doyel won’t be able to attend any Indiana Fever games this season. Still, Kravitz believes that Doyel will continue to write about the games from the comfort of his home, watching television.


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