Caitlin Clark Underpaid by Nike Despite $28 Million Contract, Claims the Man Who Lured Michael Jordan Into the American Brand

Attention is the word when anyone wants to talk about the monumental deal Nike has offered to Caitlin Clark. The historic contract that the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer has managed with the heavyweight shoe company has grabbed so many eyes and ears that it is now difficult to ignore the magnitude of the whole scenario.

Such was the case when the man behind Michael Jordan’s association with Nike, Sonny Vaccaro was asked to weigh in. From analyzing various aspects of the contract to comparing its nature with Jordan, the 84-year-old had some very interesting insights to put forth.

Sonny Vaccaro is not pleased with Caitlin Clark’s Nike deal

TMZ Sports got a chance to pick the brains of this sports marketing executive. Clearly, he was not pleased with the eventual deal Caitlin Clark ended up with. First, he complimented her talent and said, “Caitlin Clark was in the best position to maximize her value immediately than anyone I ever knew. I don’t know anything about her. I just know that she’s brilliant and she’s charismatic and just know that kids love her.” 

On top of that, Vaccaro was also convinced that the 6 ft guard could’ve penned something similar to what NBA legend Michael Jordan got. He further added, “She should have gotten a piece of everything, just like Michael Jordan.”

Recently, the two-time National Player Of The Year was offered $28 million for eight years by Phil Knight’s co. While it seemed to be a whopping amount in the eyes of many, the shoe industry legend had contrasting views. From his aforementioned words, it was clear he was expecting something similar to Michael Jordan’s Swoosh agreement in 1984. Seemingly, proclaimed as the “greatest sports business deal in history” by Joe Pompliano, the then Chicago Bulls rookie was promised a 5-year contract worth $2.5M. This was double to what German giants Adidas were offering to Jordan. Additionally, 25% royalties were also a part of the contract before the 6 ft 6 in inked it. Today, the deal would be worth triple the amount with over $7.5 million.

In the meantime, Caitlin Clark occupies herself with other rookies in the WNBA training camps.

Caitlin Clark gears up before her professional journey kicks in

The No.1 overall draft Caitlin Clark will begin her proceedings soon by indulging in her first camp. Alongside the current Rookie of The Year Aliyah Boston, the 22-year-old will try and develop some on-court chemistry. This will be crucial considering the fact that Fevers need a good start to their campaign. Probably because of their dismal finish to the season last time around. Moreover, Clark will be among the few out of the 36 drafted players favorite to feature in the opening day roster.

Fans can’t wait to catch Caitlin Clark in action soon. Her impact and influence are testament to the fan base she has garnered through her talent. The day is not close enough for her supporters to catch a glimpse of her on a professional court.


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