Breaking: How ‘new’ Derrick White is reshaping the Celtics’ offense…

Derrick White’s Remarkable Transformation Boosts Celtics’ Offense

Derrick White is making waves in the NBA playoffs, joining an elite group of players with his recent 3-point shooting spree. In a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, White became just the fourth player in playoff history to make 20 total 3-pointers over three games, showcasing his newfound prowess from beyond the arc.

Previously, White’s shooting was not his strong suit, but he has evolved into a key sharpshooter for the Celtics. His teammate Jaylen Brown noted White’s growth, attributing it to hard work, physical development, increased playoff experience, and a more aggressive playing style, which has been crucial for the team.

In contrast to his lackluster performance in the 2022 playoffs, where he struggled with his shooting, White has already surpassed his total number of made 3-pointers. His success rate in the current playoffs ranks among the top in the league, demonstrating a significant improvement in his shooting efficiency.

New' Derrick White is reshaping the Celtcs' offense | NBA/Celtics |

White’s emergence as a 3-point threat adds another dimension to the Celtics’ offense, which was already potent during the regular season. Despite stars like Jayson Tatum, who has been a consistent top scorer for the team, White has managed to outscore him in the current postseason, highlighting his impact on the team’s success.

His stellar performances have not only helped compensate for the absence of Kristaps Porzingis but have also diversified the Celtics’ offensive options, making them a formidable force in the playoffs. Coach Joe Mazzulla praised White’s versatility and willingness to adapt his game to the team’s needs, emphasizing his importance to their success.

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